Comedia exists as a platform for both comedy professionals and fans alike to make use of current trends and give comedy the largest possible exposure.


The newsletter will have current content covering the whole spectrum of South African stand up comedy. Previous portals have only existed to supply corporate and or entertainment acts. We aim to provide registered users with up to date content on their comedians or clubs of choice. Whilst providing embedded media and free comedy content to users.

The newsletter will be a basis for the umbrella group known as Comedia from now on. The opportunity exists for recognized sponsors to target young upwardly mobile South Africans in the most dynamic cultural environment in South Africa.

For the professional comedian, the benefits will be highly rewarding. Their profile will be available to clubs and prospective clients with complete press kits for all acts. Photographers will be attending gigs to create professional images for the acts. Their listings on the Comedia registry, will allow clients and fans to download all the relevant info from clips and biogs, through to the contact details for the act, whether it be their agent or to themselves instead.

With the current economic climate, money is is short supply. We believe that the growth of the fledgling comedy industry requires a dynamic attitude and approach to marketing. The costs of marketing through comedy channels probably equates to one of the lowest possible set up costs in entertainment. Where as music is genre related, and extremely costly to support full bands and sound engineers etc, comedy only requires the minimum of investment.


Comedia compromises two of the best minds in South African comedy: Martin Evans and Dave Levinsohn. Both of these men have reaped years of experience both locally and internationally within their careers.

The need to develop a strong marketing platform from which to operate comedy has been the driving force behind Comedia. Both Dave and Martin have a business background of Marketing and Design, whilst being some of the most proactive entertainers in the country.

Over the past two years, Comedia has produced several national tours and organized comedy at the largest outdoor rock events in the country. With this in mind, the Comedia brand has pushed forward with the intention of marketing comedy in South Africa as a competitive industry with national brand recognition and identity.

The comedy market in South Africa is still very much in its infancy. Current involvement in the industry via either promoters or sponsorship is critically lacking in its modern outlook, with the current crop of promoters appearing to exist from another dynasty. The country has chanced massively over the past decade, however the industry has continued to be run with a draconian approach.


So fresh attitudes are required to take ownership of this industry so that it benefits the performers and audience alike. Currently the only route for comedy has been through large corporate deals and very little for comedy or the industry itself - its made some men rich off the backs off others. Along with a very poor international record of having made payment to the acts. Previous sponsorship deals were alleged to have been in the millions yet squandered by greedy promoters.


The lack of coherence in comedy has fractured an already weak industry into separate growth patterns, rather than finding the common need addressed and working as a group. With this in mind, Comedia has started the process of reining in the comedians and promoters with the intention of marketing the entire industry as one, without the need for separate development.

Comedia has the unique opportunity to be in working contact with the largest quantity of comics out there. Far and above what any national promoter has.


Advertise on and get into a market that has been highly successful for many brands in the past. Comedy festivals and comedy in general are always related to good times and fun, and that’s what we’re all about. The main requirement from sponsors is assistance in brand creation and promotion. We currently have access to the largest group of comedy fans in South Africa. With national exposure through mass media and television. The comedians will have the opportunity to release and sell their materials online with a shopping cart experience on

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