COMEDY 101: Learn me the sacred art of comedy Mr. Miyagi…

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101 Things you need to know if you have never, ever, ever been to a comedy club or seen a live comedy act ever! You’ll be surprized who reads this section… you may learn something! Before even thinking of a joke, you need to build up your comic vocabulary.

Here are a couple of terms you’ll hear often:

To kill: To do really well. The audience loves you.
To bomb: To do really badly. This is where there is a danger of tomato peltage.
Dying: The process of bombing.
Set: Your collection of jokes. A noun. (E.g., “I just memorised my set.”)
Setup: The explanation part of a joke. It’s the part of the joke that you’re not supposed to laugh at. The exposition of a situation or story.
Punch line: The funny part of a joke. What you’re supposed to laugh at.
Heckler: Someone in the audience who talks and interrupts a comedian in an insulting way, in attempt to make the comedian bomb.
Blue: When a comic is “blue,” it means that he/she is using dirty language and/or talking about sexual (or otherwise adult) situations in an explicit way.
Payment: What! You wanna get paid for that shit? Sometimes a man will come over to you and shake your hand with some crumpled notes in it. Nice!

Now that you can talk the talk, follow our advice and you’ll be on your way to killing audiences with your stand-up routine in no time. Either that or you’ll be pelted with rotten tomatoes. Let’s hope it’s the former.


Starting out on your comedy journey is easy. They effectively leave the mic on ‘open’ and an unknown comic in introduced by the MC who will then take to the stage/soap-box. Usually for 3-5 minutes. If you’re funny and the crowd enjoy your ‘SET’ you will be invited back. If not… don’t give up, have another go, maybe it wasn’t your night? But after a few times and you’re still not getting laughs? Try management. Comedy lovers often becoming effective gig organisers. Read 101 things you never thought you dids’t know… and then write a set. Easy!


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