Just got back from the Mother City. It was good to see that all is as I left it in April when the recession made me move to JHB. Having said that… since I moved to JHB I have had more gigs in Cape Town!
This was a particularly interesting gig as it was for Creative Housewares. Go, an agency for various well known international brands. They wanted to do a fashion show and have a comedian keep the audience entertained in case they got bored watching models walk down a ramp in cocktail dresses with toasters, kettles, steamers and irons. So there’s a brief you don’t often get. But after 3 rehearsals we pulled it off. Not the dress, the show. they were not too impressed by my rehearsal etiquette, as they kept asking why I wasn’t being funny, clients get very nervous if you are not funny 24/7… even in rehearsals. I told them not to worry, I was not going to shoot my comedy load at a practice session while 4 barmen set up and a guy gaffer-tapes the stage! But on the night I delivered a stylish understated comedy/fashion show, and got to cook dessert with Jenny Morris the ‘giggling gourmet’. So don’t worry bout the comedy folks it will always arrive on time unlike me for rehearsals! Oh and I liked the Morphy Richards toaster so much, I bought the company. Um… I mean, I stole a brushed silver toaster!