The Comedy Circuit makes a comedy ‘scene’… the scene makes an industry.
It’s the comedy circuit that keeps comedy alive, and keeps comedians alive too sometimes. We would love to hear from any comics who are traveling to CT at any stage. Give us a few weeks notice and you could work the entire week (Monday: ZULA, Tuesday: NEWS CAFE & PURPLE TURTLE, Wednesday: STARDUST, Thursday: JOU MA SE COMEDY, Friday: MYKONOS in Langebaan.) That’s a fantastic deal, just get your ass to Cape Town and find a place to stay and keep the circuit alive. And If any cape Town comics are in JHB, we would love to get the same deal? Working comedians are better than the one’s who sit at home.

If you’re in the Cape Town area and need to get a gig, please get hold of Dave Levinsohn and make some bucks while you soak up the post World Cup sun. Just had Mel Miller there. He did Sabrage on the Sunday, Zula on the Monday, News Cafe in Tableview on Tuesday and then doubled up with a gig at The purple Turtle. Nice one. Next up Is Eddie Ecksteen. He’ll be ‘rolling’ into town. And if a hotel sponsor is reading this… make a plan and we’ll give you big time promo on all the stages.