This was sent out long before the Bafunny crew got together. Hmmm another sinister plot?
An announcement Dec 10, 2008. from the SA Comedy Council, that they would be honouring their first Springbok comedian. This week sees the first of many of South Africa’s finest comic talents being awarded SA colours for essentially keeping the country smiling. Even in the current environment that the ‘Springbok’ emblem finds itself, it is encouraging to see that some factions still see the merit in awarding the honour of the ‘bok’ to deserving recipients. First to be announced was a rather shocked and visibly taken-a-back Dave Levinsohn. “It is about time I was recognised by someone, it’s been hell being the Mweb Guy for the last 10 years”. Comedy has been seen almost as the black-sheep of the sporting world, and it is only recently being hailed as a legitimate sport. Levinsohn was not only pleased at his achievment, but said he would not let anyone down and plans to represent his counrty in any country as soon as he could get a visa to go to other countries. He has planned not to puke on the blazer, although he can’t promise anything as he would be in Las Vegas over the festive season wearing the blazer. At the the press conference he said it would not be easy being a ‘Springbok’ comedian as there is a lot of responsibility that comes with the honour, and expressed his regret that Leon Shuster was over-looked.

Dave seen shortly after the ceremony with one of his ‘crazed’ fans.

Dave says: “You are never as good as they say you are, but never as bad either.”