The comedians will be performing at the Tafelberg Tavern in Gardens exclusively for the 300 new students. We have also taken on a charity for the event. Here’s the lowdown for the event: 300 feet per second, the maximum legal velocity of a paintball. 300 The number of Spartan soldiers who fought and died at the Battle of Thermopylae. 300 The size of CityVarsity’s first year student army descending on the Cape Town City Bowl on Friday the 19th of February 2010. I don’t know why you needed the Chappie paper stuff at the beginning? But, we are proud to unite with Heart Social investment, (, Comedia and ex-Springbok captain Bobby Skinstad’s exciting Walk This Way Campaign. 300 Students? SA’s finest stand-up comics! A beating Heart. Bobby Skinstad arrested? All will be revealed…
Find out more about this initiative. Sounds cool. If you buy some shoes then a kid at school gets some too. Remember: If you walk a mile in a man’s shoes… you’re a mile away and you have his shoes!

Host: Evert Lombaert
Dave Levinsohn
Rob Van Vuuren
Milo Hot Chocolate
Dylan Skews
Kurt Langeveld
Chris Steenkamp